Master Class

Ideal Pathway for Short Filmmakers 

So you are a shorts filmmaker with aspirations to make a feature film that travels around the globe. But local financing is becoming rarer and rarer, and international funds are seemingly unattainable. How can one make this tricky transition? This talk explains an ideal pathway to achieve this goal.


Raymond Phathananavirangoon is Executive Director of SEAFIC and film producer for films like Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice (2016) and Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s Samui Song (2017), He Previously served as programmer/delegate for the Toronto, Hong Kong and Cannes Critic’s Week.
Date & Time - September 7th, 2018 (Friday) at 3:30PM - 5:30PM
Place - Goethe-Institut Myanmar



Panel Discussion on Audio Visual Preservation in Southeast Asia.

Date & Time - 9th SEP 2018 | 10AM - 12PM
Place - Goethe-Institut Myanmar


Sanchai Chotirosserangee
Deputy Director of the Film Archive (Public Organization), Thailand.

Mr. Sopheap CHEA - Executive Director
Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center (Cambodia)

Maung Okkar - Director


Panel Discussion : Short Film Festival from Southeast Asia

Presenting the Shorts Film Festival from Southeast Asia region. 

Date & Time - 9th Sept, 2018 (Sunday) at 3:30PM - 5:30PM

Place - Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Sanchai Chotirosseranee : Programmer Thai Short Film and Video Festival (Thailand)
Fransiska Prihad: Programmer Director, Mini Kino Film Week, Bali International Short Film Festival (Indonesia)
Lim Han Loong : Festival Manager Sea Shorts Film Festival, (Malaysia).

Enhancing Storytelling by Editing : Mary Stephen

MARY STEPHEN (France-Canada-Hong Kong) 
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, Mary Stephen has been living in Paris since the 1980s. Known for her long-term collaboration as film editor and occasional music co-composer with French New Wave director Eric Rohmer. In the last decade, Mary also worked with numerous filmmakers from Europe, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Australia and Canada, editing, coproducing and advising, including Li Yang’s « Blind Mountain », Du Haibin’s « 1428 », Fan Lixin’s « Last Train Home », and Ann Hui’s award-winning feature « Our Time Will Come ».

Date & Time - 10th Sept, 2018 (Monday) at 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Place - Goethe-Institut Myanmar

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