Another Landscape

Another Landscape: from Collection of the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Curated by TASAKA Hiroko

Title: The Story about the crack in reality~Wall- Room-Box

Artist: Noriko Koshida

2008 single-channel video, color, sound  24 min.

Synopsis: A documentary on the abstraction of the human body


Title: A day of Owariyama Mt./sitting in the sunshine, Don't know where I go

Artist: Chikara Matsumoto

2000 single-channel video, color, sound  6 min.54sec.

Synopsis: Animation. The artist made this film from his memory of going climbing mountain with his father.


Title: Nightless ver.6

Artist: Yuichiro Tamura

2011 single-channel video, color, sound  21 min.56sec.

Synopsis: The film constructed from still life images downloaded from Google street view.

The film operates like a road movie, traveling across five cities from Nebraska and Alaska in the US to Chiba(Japanese prefecture) in Japan and Porto in Portugal, Marseille in France with monologues by the artist and police sirens and radio from internet sites as a soundtrack. The title, Nightless came from the fact that there exists almost no night images in Google street view.


Title: Um/ Om 1

Artist: Hiroyuki Oki

2005-2011, single-channel video, color, sound  40 min.

Synopsis: The film was shot through August 2005 to 2011, starting from Kagawa to Nagano, Chiba in Tokyo, Tibet and other locations. In this film people see complex multilayered footage framed and edited with precise composition. It is an experimental work including themes such as the philosophy of the 21st century, religion and art.

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