About Us

About Us

Wathann Film Festival is the very first film festival in Myanmar. Organized by Wathann Film Institute (WFI) mainly supporting on Film Education and Media Development in Myanmar.


1.WFF was established in 2011 as an independent cultural endeavor aiming at support and promotion of mainly short film production and exhibition in Myanmar.

2.WFF is organized by a circle of filmmakers, artists and theoreticians at the beginning with a support of following institutions : FAMU Prague, Czech Republic, Institut Francais de Birmanie.

3.WFF takes place in Yangon every year during the rainy season.

4.The Festival is organized by the festival team, led by the festival’s director, who is also member of the Festival’s board.

5.The main part of WFF is the competition of short local or region produced artistic films in three categories : Short Fiction, Documentary Film, and New Vision. For the competition filmmakers submit their films and the organizers are responsible for preselection of the submitted films for the competition.

6.Additional programs of WFF are focused on independent cinema and cinema education.

Visitors: 38,335