၂၀၁၉ ခုႏွစ္ ဝႆန္႐ုပ္ရွင္ပ ြဲေတာ္၏ ၿပိဳင္ပ ြဲဝင္က႑အတ ြက္ ႐ုပ္ရွင္ကား ၁၂ ကားကိုေရ ြးခ်ယ္ထားပါတယ္။

12 short films has been selected for official competition section of the Wathann Film Festival #9



                 အိပ္တန္းျပန္ငွက္                                                               The Art Without Boundries                              Behind (ေနာက္က ြယ္)
   Director - Nyi Zaw Htwe                                                       Director - Min Koon                                         Director - Si Thu Kyaw
   Running Time - 15 Min 00 Sec                                            Running Time - 17 Min 00 Sec                        Running Time - 10 Min 3 Sec


                                       Between (ၾကား)                                                        1\4 Wasted                                                 Fragile (က ြဲျေက)
    Director - Than Lwin Oo                                          Director - Myo Thar Khin                                       Director - Aung Ko
    Running Time - 7 Min 37 Sec
                                  Running Time - 28 Min 58 Sec                               Running Time - 13 Min 12 Sec



                   Sick (လူနာ)                                                    Por Oo Htoon's Father                                             Lost Boy
    Director - Zaw Bo Bo Hein                                    Director - Moore Thit Sett Htoon                              Director - Shin Thandar
    Running Time - 26 Min 37 Sec
                             Running Time - 22 Min 36 Sec                                 Running Time - 14 Min 54 Sec



     Going Home (အိမ္အျပန္)                                          No Country For Women                                             Opium Farmer
   Director - Chit Moe Pio                                           Director - Seng Mai                                                 Director - Su Su Hlaing
   Running Time - 18 Min 5 Sec
                                 Running Time - 10 Min 00 Sec                                Running Time - 20 Min 56 Sec


S-Express 2019 BRUNEI

                                                          Programmer note : An hors d’oeuvres to Brunei’s filmmaking scene.



            A Letter From France by Hanifi Juffri               Alice in Wonderland Syndrome        Hamster Wheel by Azeez Danial / 2018 / 6min
            / 2017 / 3min
        A terminally-ill man in France who writes a           by Dk Nur Nadirah Pg Damit / 2019         Struggling to deal with his break up Rahim

        letter to his friend in Brunei, reminiscing                / 5min                                                     undergoes an unlikely experience having to keep

        about the time they spent exploring the                A young girl named Estelle suffered        killing look-alikes of himself in the process of

        Abode of Peace                                                    from a lot of stress leading her to             moving on.

                                                                                     experienced 'Alice in Wonderland               

                                                                                       Syndrome' (AIWS).                                

                                    Hilang by Harlif Mohamad & Farid Azlan          Langkah by Aaqil Ahmad / 2019 / 6min               Masa by Aznniel Yunos / 2015 / 9min

       Ghani / 2010 / 20min                                          An aspiring swimmer working an office job           A reflection on the existence of time and

       Pemukun, a traditional performer                       doubts her career when she meets a familiar       predestination.

       reconnects with his peers for the probably         face who is living hers.

       last chance to perform Mukun



      Mr. Rook by Drablo Max / 2018 / 6min                     Replay by Hashfi Farizi / 2018 / 6min               The Delivery by Liyana Hanif / 2018 /

      A man deemed insane after his wife's                      A Married Couple took a wrong turn as           A pizza delivery man convinced to be living

      mysteriously                                                             their argument led to an endless loop of          an ordinary life, started a night shift that                                                                                            psychological play                                            triggered a dark premonition during one of                                                                                                                                                                 his delivery orders.


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