WATHANN FILM FESTIVAL #10 (10.10.2020)


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 Wathann Film Festival #9

Opening Film 


Pyar Pyar Nyo Yaung Maing Ta-lei-lei (Cobalt Blue)
(Short Film, 27min, 2019)
Directed by Aung Phyoe

CAST : May Paing Soe, Arr Koe YarWin HtetAung Khine Myo

Synopsis : Yangon, 1998. The film takes place on one evening at the government housing apartment by the railroad where a boy and his mother waiting for the return of the father, a civil servant, to move out another town at Upper Burma. In the last evening, the boy tries to understand the complexities of adult relations.



Film Still


 ၂၀၁၉ ခုႏွစ္ ဝႆန္႐ုပ္ရွင္ပ ြဲေတာ္၏ ၿပိဳင္ပ ြဲဝင္က႑အတ ြက္ ႐ုပ္ရွင္ကား ၁၂ ကားကိုေရ ြးခ်ယ္ထားပါတယ္။

12 short films has been selected for official competition section of the Wathann Film Festival #9



                 Acceptance (အိပ္တန္းျပန္ငွက္)                                            The Art Without Boundries                              Behind (ေနာက္က ြယ္)
   Director - Nyi Zaw Htwe                                                       Director - Min Koon                                         Director - Si Thu Kyaw
   Running Time - 15 Min 00 Sec                                            Running Time - 17 Min 00 Sec                        Running Time - 10 Min 3 Sec





                                       Between (ၾကား)                                                        1\4 Wasted                                                 Fragile (က ြဲျေက)
    Director - Than Lwin Oo                                          Director - Myo Thar Khin                                       Director - Aung Ko
    Running Time - 7 Min 37 Sec
                                  Running Time - 17 Min 30 Sec                               Running Time - 13 Min 12 Sec



                   Sick (လူနာ)                                                    Por Oo Htoon's Father                                             Lost Boy
    Director - Zaw Bo Bo Hein                                    Director - Moore Thit Sett Htoon                              Director - Shin Thandar
    Running Time - 26 Min 37 Sec
                             Running Time - 22 Min 36 Sec                                 Running Time - 14 Min 54 Sec



     Going Home (အိမ္အျပန္)                                          No Country For Women                                             Opium Farmer
   Director - Chit Moe Pio                                           Director - Seng Mai                                                 Director - Su Su Hlaing
   Running Time - 18 Min 5 Sec
                                 Running Time - 10 Min 00 Sec                                Running Time - 20 Min 56 Sec

    S-Express 2019 BRUNEI



         Nurain Abdullah 
           Bio: A producer based in Brunei Darussalam
           Programmer note : An hors d’oeuvres to Brunei’s filmmaking scene.



            A Letter From France by Hanifi Juffri               Alice in Wonderland Syndrome               Hamster Wheel by Azeez Danial / 2018 / 6min
            / 2017 / 3min
        A terminally-ill man in France who writes a           by Dk Nur Nadirah Pg Damit / 2019         Struggling to deal with his break up Rahim
        letter to his friend in Brunei, reminiscing                / 5min                                                     undergoes an unlikely experience having to keep 
        about the time they spent exploring the                A young girl named Estelle suffered        killing look-alikes of himself in the process of 
        Abode of Peace                                                    from a lot of stress leading her to             moving on. 
                                                                                     experienced 'Alice in Wonderland               
                                                                                       Syndrome' (AIWS).                                 
                                        Hilang by Harlif Mohamad & Farid Azlan          Langkah by Aaqil Ahmad / 2019 / 6min               Masa by Aznniel Yunos / 2015 / 9min
       Ghani / 2010 / 20min                                          An aspiring swimmer working an office job           A reflection on the existence of time and 
       Pemukun, a traditional performer                       doubts her career when she meets a familiar       predestination.
       reconnects with his peers for the probably         face who is living hers.
       last chance to perform Mukun



      Mr. Rook by Drablo Max / 2018 / 6min                     Replay by Hashfi Farizi / 2018 / 6min               The Delivery by Liyana Hanif / 2018 /
      A man deemed insane after his wife's                      A Married Couple took a wrong turn as           A pizza delivery man convinced to be living 
      mysteriously                                                             their argument led to an endless loop of          an ordinary life, started a night shift that                                                                                                  psychological play                                            triggered a dark premonition during one of                                                                                                                                                                        his delivery orders.


S-Express 2019 CAMBODIA








    Park Sungho.
    A festival programmer and film producer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
    Programmer Note : All extraordinary short films that will amuze the audience as it's a fruitful year in              Cambodia  



      A Million Years                                               February Wind
     by Danech SAN / 2018 / 20min                        by MONY Kann Darung / 2018 / 20min
     A couple escapes to a quite                             A long distanced couple tries
     riverfront where time and space                       to mingle and to save their romantic
    flow along with the river                                     relationship


  Sons of April                                                The Darkness
  by Robin VERET / 2018 / 15min                 by Lim HENG / 2018 / 3min
  Under the extreme regime,                         A self-reflected conversation
  a father needs to find a way                       to light up and to prove
  to save the lives of his family                      one's existance in the darkness.


S-Express 2019 INDONESIA 

  Fransiska Prihadi. Program director of MINIKINO, an international short film festival organization based in Bali-Indonesia.

Programme Note : All the selected films this year coincidentally express deeper than misunderstood characters, they're a reflection of human mind complexity.



Insanely Infatuated With Someone                                              Or Those Silence That Kills You and Me 
At The Most Inappropriate Time                                                   by Ismail Basbeth / 2018 / 13min 42sec
by Nirartha Bas Diwangkara / 2019 / 15min 55sec                          Ali, 19 years old, has no family and friends except loneliness   
A 14 year-old girl is facing her sexual awakening and                     which ends up terrorizing him and his surroundings.
the natural impulses lead her to physical attraction towards her                                 
schizophrenic uncle while at the same time her young mind desires
the popular boy in her class.
Llop Mougn                                                                            Muslimah                                                                                     
by Oktivani Anggia Rachmalitta / 2018 / 4min 2sec                by Nur Wulandari / 2018 / 6min 16sec 
A girl drifts in her imagination and dream wishing                   Throughout her life, Wulan has come to understand that there to find a certainty within herself.                                                                                     are multiple interpretations of Islam and women in Islam;  every  Muslim woman 
                                                                                                 should be able to make her own choices when it  comes to interpreting Islam.                                                                                                                               
One of Those Murder                                                             Roti 
by Jerry Hadiprojo / 2019 / 10min 37sec                                 by Kiki Febriyanti / 2018 / 30min 
Two janitors found a body of a dead woman.                          Menstruation is still taboo. When she feels awkward to buy 
But in this digital age, priority flexed.                                       "bread", misunderstanding happens...
Life of Death                                                                                       
by Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy / 2018 / 5min 23sec
Death, while struggling to balance his work and family life,
talks about his existence, his job, and his opinions on human
beings in an interview from the documentary ‘Life of Death'.

S-Express 2019 LAOS

Helene Ouvrard. A festival programmer based in Vientiane, Lao PDR

Programmer Note : Music and dance as the red thread of people's life experiences 

Please don't tell me how to be perfect                              Melody of change 
by Sophie Vongkhamsao / 2016 / 2’                                      by Ka Xiong / 2018 / 16'30
A young woman stands up to bullying                                   Hongfa, a mysterious and beautiful young woman 
through dance                                                                        arrives in a Khmu and Hmong village in Northern 
                                                                                               Laos and becomes trapped between the two cultures.
                                                                                               In her efforts to bring the villagers together through their
                                                                                               music, she creates a melody of change.
Music saves my soul                                                                                   
by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy / 2019 / 28'43 
“Music Saves My Soul” is a portrait of a Lao traditional
singer, Khamlek, in her 60s. Illiterate until she was
around 50, Khamlek was profoundly drawn to a traditional
singing style of Luang Prabang known as “Khap Thoum,
Arn Nungseu (literally ‘book reading’) since she was a child,
as a way to escape from her predatory stepfather. She
learned all songs by heart and has been performing for a
living ever since. Her humdrum life is marked by two
divorces and an abandonment by her older sons. It is music
that makes all these bearable, now that she works as a cleaner
by day and moonlights as a performer by night.

S-Express 2019 MALAYSIA

 Yow Chong Lee. He teaches film to feed himself. Together with his colleagues and students, they run Mini Film Festival in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Programmer Note : Out of many films made recently, these films could potentially serve the taste of today's cinematic experience in Malaysia.


Blind Mouth                                                         Aku Mau Skola/ I Want to Go to School
by Chris Leong / 2017/ 16                                     by Putri Purnama Sugua / 2018 / 21
A father and his daugther;                                     In a baking hot shack with a leaky roof,                              
a secret and the future of their nation.                  over 70 stateless children squeeze in daily 
                                                                              to study under the guidance of their teacher, Rujiah Sami.
Block A-2-15
by Jun Yap Won / 2018 / 15
The first day of a new tenant,
Kai, who had just rented a room
in a sub divided unit in Kuala Lumpur.

 S-Express 2019 PHILIPPNES



Francis Oggs Cruz. Francis has served as member and jury alike in local and international film festival. In the meantime, he writes about cinema for various publications.

Programmer’s Notes: The goal is to have the audience engage in the memories of others, be thrust in the harshness of reality, observe pain from above, and to escape, knowing fully well that the common denominator of all varied experiences is youth.


Baguio Address No. 10                                                      Siyudad sa Bulawan (City of Gold)             
Running Time: 14:50                                                            Running Time: 15:15
Director: Mervine Aquino                                                      Director: Jarell Sarencio
Description:                                                                          Description:  
The filmmaker and his mother recount memories               Three young brothers needing cash take a job
of their old homes and the family’s repetitive                       in the gold mines of Mt. Diwalwal amidst 
experiences of packing (and unpacking), moving,               a life threatening reality.
and accumulating things over the years. They try to
imagine and describe a “dream house” and await the
possibility of owning a house in the future.  
Aliens Ata (Maybe Aliens)                                                                  Fireflies
Running Time: 7:07                                                                              Running Time:  
Director: Glenn Barit                                                                             Director: Robin Estargo    
Description: Two young brothers deal with the sudden loss                Description: A synesthetic musical short feature film about
of their father. Their Overseas-Filipino-Worker mother goes               a friendship strongly fueled by Filipino music, young ambition, and 
back home for the funeral but will soon had to depart for work           Manila nightlife, as three friends on the edge of adolescence 
again. For kids, some things are hard to grasp that's why they          discover their unique struggles amidst past and present 
look at the sky for answers. Could it be aliens?                                  circumstances that motivate them to produce, sing, and dance to                                                                                                                                    songs of heartache and loneliness.

S-Express 2019 SINGAPORE


Film programmer at Singapore International Film Festival and Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film

Programmer Note : The purpose of life is explored in these diverse stories coming out from Singapore.



My Lady M by Tingerine Liu / 30 min                                                         You Idiot by Kris Ong / 11 min
Spend a day meeting the Chinese millennials who share a love               Roaming the streets one night, Darren and Matt 
of cakes at Lady M, a New York institution. Meander through                   write a song about what’s to come in their happy-go-lucky world.
their slice-of-life vignettes and dreams of varying flavors,
as they navigate the Big Apple.


Chasing Paper by Shoki Lin / 17 min                                                    A Dance for Ren Hang by Lei Yuan Bin and Sara Tan / 9 min
A mother who has recently lost her job finds herself working as              Dancers reenact images by provocative Chinese photographer Ren Hang, 
a cleaner in her daughter’s high school during the exam period.             known for capturing his struggles with depression, in this collaboration 
In an attempt to salvage their broken relationship, the mother                 between filmmaker Lei Yuan Bin and dancer Sara Tan.
tries to assist her struggling daughter by helping her cheat in
the exams.

 S-Express 2019 THAILAND

Programmer S-Express Thailand: Sanchai Chotirosseranee. The programmer of Thai Short Film and Video Festival.

Curated by Thai Short Film and Video Festival These three awarded shorts from Thai Short Film and Video Festival usher audiences to the limitless boundaries of cinema.


A Room with a Coconut View 2018 / 28.21 min                                             The Sea Recall 2018 / 26.53 min
Director : Tulapop Saenjaroe                                                                             Director: Aekaphong Saransate
Synopsis: An automated voice app called 'Kanya' guides                                 Sysnopsis: Back in 2016, Mr. Krit Saranset and his wife had been 
a foreign tourist named 'Alex' through a beach town Bang Saen.                     murdered with the M16 rifle in their house. His nephew has returned
Later, Alex decides to explore the town by himself, fantasizing his                    to observe and recall his uncle through the wave sounds of Samila     
own out-of-the-box journey                                                                                 Beach.                 


Superbarbara: The Beginning 2017 / 10.19 min                                                       
Director: Boonsri Tangtrongsin                                                                                 
Synopsis: After an inflatable doll (Barbara) has been abused and                           
abandoned, she decides to no longer be a victim. To no longer be                          
what she is created for. She is Superbarbara. We follow her journey                      
to save the world, populated by easily manipulated beings that have                     
totally lost control over their lives 

S-Express 2019 VIETNAM

Marcus. A programmer and filmmaker based in Vietnam, festival director of YxineFF (2010-2014)
Progammer Note : These three awarded shorts from Thai Short Film and Video Festival usher audiences to the limitless boundaries of cinema.
Dear Ly by Nguyen Hong Quan / 2019 / 11:21                                          Cold Fish by Thanh Doan / 2018 / 16:39 
A father who lives in Brussels chats with his little daughter                          Three young millennials share an apartment in Ho Chi Min City
in Hanoi via skype. He tells her a version of "The Little Prince"                    but are busy with their own lonely small worlds, like the fishes in 
that reveals his relationship with his own father and recalls                         a tank.
contemporary European history.
Surrounded by Bui Binh Duong / 2018 / 12:26                                The Mute by Pham Thien An / 2018 / 15:11 
A highschool boy and son to a sacristan of a Catholic                         A bride-to-be experiences her last night as a 
community in Northern Vietnam faces an invisible wall                       bachelorette in heavy rainy Saigon.
separating him with social life.
First Taste by Nguyen Duy Anh / 2018 / 3:38
A tasty joke on the restrictions of smoking scenes
in films recently introduced in Vietnam.
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